biopicDespite her degree in Microbiology, Lianne fell in love with both training and technology early in her career. Creating content and presenting it in a dynamic, interactive and creative way enhanced people’s work lives. Understanding the tools of technology and their interface with the people who used them was a fascinating puzzle. Comfortable communicating with both technology experts and non-technical users, she found herself uniquely suited to bridge the gap. Empowering people with skills, knowledge and ideas is her passion.

After working for many years in large Fortune 100 companies, she started PeopleTech Connections in 2002. Projects over the years have taken many forms, including computer training in welfare centers, facilitating staff retreats for troubled organizations, emceeing Swing dances and creating workshop materials for a leading practitioner of family therapy.

Her background in training informs all of Lianne’s work. As a certified professional in learning and performance, her deep knowledge of adult learning enables her to create high impact training programs on any topic ranging from management skills to social media. Her expertise in learning design, coupled with her creativity has resulted in engaging programs incorporating elements such as juggling contests and user-customized board games.

Lianne has worked with organizations as diverse as American Express, Rutgers University, The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA), numerous entrepreneurs and professionals in private practice. Lianne has a CPLP™ certification with a specialization in Learning Development and a certificate in online facilitation from New York University.