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I’m just returning from the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) Conference in Atlanta.  It was a high-energy gathering (1,449 Strong) of technology providers and nonprofit staff, dedicated to leveraging technology to make the world a better place.  I’ve been to this conference several times before and, as a group, they make more comprehensive use of free and low cost technology tools than any other organization I’ve encountered.  Here are some highlights for your inspiration:

A website, IdeaEncore, where you can share forms, templates, presentations or any kind of document.   The author of the document can share it free of charge or for a fee.  The site collects a percentage of fees charged, but otherwise it’s all free.  Why reinvent the wheel?

A video game called Peacemaker which challenges gamers to progress towards peace in the Middle East.  It repurposes a maligned medium towards understanding the complexities of real world violence.

An international nonprofit called The Spamhaus Project dedicated to providing antispam protection on the internet.  Their website contains a wealth of info on spam, spammers (including pictures!) and spam protection.  Thanks to Jordan Dossett for this tip.

Using a Wiki instead of email to collaborate on projects, provide a centerpiece for a presentation and share information within a group of any sort.  Beth Kanter’s Blog has a great graphic demonstrating the simplicity of this technique.

A few more reasons to Be Conversant with technology!

*I’ve borrowed my title from an excellent book on technology planning by Joni Podolsky, Wired for Good

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2 Comments on “Wired for Good”

  • 4 June, 2010,

    Small world! I was there too! :-D

  • slianne
    8 June, 2010,

    It was great – I can’t wait until next year!