5 Reasons Why You Have Time for Social Media

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“How am I going to find time for social media when I have 300 emails in my inbox?” A common sentiment, although now often tempered with, “I know I should be doing it, but . . . “ So here is why you do have time to have a Facebook page, read blogs, tweet, or (insert the social media tool of your choice here):

1. It does not have to be a random time sink. Remember when companies blocked the internet and predicted hours of lost productivity as employees idly surfed websites? Now it is an essential business tool. Social media is going through the same progression. And, besides, no one needs a computer to waste time.

2. If you are in business, you have to do marketing, right? Social media is far less expensive and reaches a much larger audience than traditional marketing. A pretty good return for your initial time investment.

3. You don’t have to do it all. Pick the tool(s) that work for you. Feel guilty about all those friends you haven’t been in touch with? (Facebook ) Afraid you won’t recognize that guy you met at the last networking meeting? (LinkedIn ) Tired of sorting through all the useless websites about a topic to get to the good ones? (Delicious ). Find the tool that saves you time.

4. The “blogosphere” offers incredible resources of useful information and commentary. You can set up a homepage (I use iGoogle ) so it “feeds” you all the latest blog posts on your topics of interest. Want to know which blogs are most respected? Check out Technorati .

5. You don’t have to keep up with all the latest developments. You don’t have to be especially knowledgeable about the tool(s) you use. The learning curve is very low. Once you get started, you can pick and choose what seems useful to you. And there are all those blogs out there just waiting to help you!

Just remember, all you need is to Be Conversant.

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One Comment on “5 Reasons Why You Have Time for Social Media”

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