Personalized Coaching

coachingPersonalized Coaching

Do you spend too much of your time struggling with the computer that is supposed to be helping you? Computer coaching will help you learn what you need to know, in plain English, at your own pace.

Technology surrounds us. It is integral to our jobs, our businesses and our lifestyles. Even for those who are comfortable with it, learning to use a new device or piece of software can be time-consuming. Personal coaching can bring you up to speed quickly and easily.

If you feel intimidated or frustrated when confronted with a new piece of technology, you are not alone. Trust me on this. We didn’t all grow up with a computer (or 4) in the house. Getting comfortable with the tool is the hardest part. Coaching will be tailored to your needs and your learning style.

Coaching sessions can be held on the phone or in-person (at your preferred location) in the northern New Jersey area.

We can cover specific skills you need or a more general topic you’d like to learn.

You too, can learn to love technology. Really!

  • The Basics – Find your way around your PC and get comfortable in the world of technology.
  • Backup – Step by step on how to backup your data.
  • Basic Maintenance – Routines to avoid problems and keep your PC running quickly and smoothly.
  • Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook.
  • Purchasing – How to choose a new computer, printer, etc.
  • Troubleshooting – Problem-solving, dealing with tech support and when to call for outside help.
  • Best Practices – Saving, organizing, and finding files, managing e-mail overload, etc.